At the end of 2018, four IVAO members have discussed and agreed to establish a division in Malaysia because at that time Malaysia still did not have any division yet. So in the early stages our Division was established in early January 2019 and was known as the IVAO Malaysia Division (IVAO-MY).

Various activities such as events and division tours we have done. Several members of the division have also managed to upgrade their ratings. Now members in the Malaysia Division can carry out and succeed in their activities in a more orderly manner in IVAO.

By the end of 2020, we plan to take over WSJC Fir as Singapore still does not have an active division and empty space separating WMFC and WBFC. Unfortunately we had to postpone our intention as the Cov-19 epidemic situation is not over yet. With encouragement and support from other divisional members in the region, we are pursuing our aspirations in the fourth quarter of 2021.

With the cooperation and careful planning of all our staff we succeeded. So on 25 October, 2021, we managed to take over Singapore into our division. And now we are known as Malaysia and Singapore MCD or in short IVAO-XY. With this merger we are more determined to pursue IVAO mission and vision more successfully.

Thank you to everyone involved in our/your division from the beginning to the present.