Division Procedures

Kuala Lumpur Fir / Kinabalu Fir / Singapore Fir

Transition Level FL130
Transition Altitude 11000ft

All airspace is RVSM
Semi-circular rules applied

VFR flights shall NOT be operated between sunset and sunrise in all airspace:
– above FL 150 in all controlled airspace
– above FL 250 in uncontrolled airspace
Otherwise Quandrantal Rule applies.

VFR Circuit 1500ft except WMKK and WSSS require ATC approval.

Airspace delegated to Malaysia

M765 – between VKB to IGARI
M754 – between VINIK to BRU
M522 – between VINIK to VJN
M761 – between E108° to AGOBA
G580 – between NIMIX to ATETI

Handoff WMFC to WSJC :

Sector A – between 2000ft-FL245 to WSJC
Sector B – between 3000ft-FL245 to WSJC
Sector C – between 5500ft-FL300 to WSJC
Sector D – between 5500ft-FL245 to WSJC
Sector E – between FL120-FL360 to WSJC
Sector F – ARAMA & REKOP to WSJC
Sector H – between FL145-FL360 to WSJC